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Classroom Wish List

We are thankful for the support of our incredible Band Boosters and our parents for their support of our everyday classroom needs such as a steady supply of Kleenex, pencils, and small prizes such as candy for classroom incentives. Click below to access our middle school band's classroom wish list for ease of shopping!

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Student Supply List: Class Materials 

The following is a list of general class materials for students. Please contact Ms. Johnson or Mr. Loftis should your student need a replacement mouthpiece or in the event of a new instrument purchase for recommended brands and models.  


Required Materials for ALL Students: 

Assigned Band Instrument (Rental Link for New Students)

Tradition of Excellence Book 1 for 6th and 7th Grade, Book 2 for 8th Grade)

1 inch three- ring binder with 20-25 sheet protectors

Pencils! Pencil pouch is suggested, but not required.


Instrument Specific Materials: 

**Starter Kits for Beginners will include the following, as well as a music stand for at home practice! The kit is an optional addition at checkout.**

Flute Instrument swab
Clarinet/Saxophone Minimum 3 working reeds (sizes/brands below), cork grease
Double Reeds Minimum 3 working reeds, water cup
Trumpet Valve oil
Trombone Slide-o-mix
Baritone/Tuba Valve oil/mouthpiece that travels between home and school each day

Bass Clarinet, Tenor Sax, Bari Sax

Mouthpiece that travels between home and school each day
Percussion Stick Bag with snare drum sticks, yarn, plastic, and timpani mallets. Bell kit and practice pad remain at home for practice and completing assignments. 


Our class utilizes the software embedded in Canvas by Union County. There are no additional software programs necessary for band at Marvin Ridge, but we are happy to discuss some helpful practice tools with you and your child should you desire additional support! 



Reed Recommendations 

Vandoren brand reeds can be purchased at the Music and Arts Center in the Arboretum Shopping Center. Reed strengths may vary based on the individual student, but please purchase reeds using the general guide below.


Vandoren size 2  (6th Grade)
Vandoren size 2 1/2 (7th Grade)
Vandoren size 3  (8th Grade)

Vandoren size 2 1/2 (7th Grade)
Vandoren size 3 (8th Grade)

Vandoren size 2 1/2 (6th Grade)
Vandoren size 3 (7th Grade)
Vandoren size 3 1/2 (8th Grade)

Vandoren size 2



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