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Most Recent 5th Grade Communication: "6th Grade Band Updates" -  May 20th 2021   

At Marvin Ridge, Beginning Band students require zero prior knowledge of rhythm and note reading, and zero prior experience on their assigned instrument! Additionally, registration does not lock you into a decision about band, but will allow us to share our parent meeting zoom link and all future updates! If there is a change of heart, we can help.

Steps to Registration 

  1. Create an Account! Return to our home screen and create an account for your 5th grade student by clicking "Login/Register." This does NOT lock you in to a band class, but helps us to keep you informed as you make your decisions for the new school year! 
  2. Already have an account? If you have previously created an account for an older student, you can add your 5th grader without following Step1, and continue to Step 3. 
  3. Declare your Instrument Interest! After registering, log in to your account and select "Account" and "My Forms/Paperwork." Click the "2021 5th Grade Registration" form and submit your instrument interests.
    1. If you are having trouble with this step, please email Ms. Johnson (latoya.johnson@ucps.k12.nc.us) to declare your instrument interests. 
  4. Updates: Check your email periodically through the spring semester! We will be communicating all instrument details and options through this portal, so registration is very important. Please do not purchase any instruments until you receive this information!

Already Registered? Let's Secure the Instrument! 

First: Watch the Instrument Meeting Recap if you missed our Zoom meeting!

  1. Next, view the 2021 Instrument Placement List - If you are newly registering after 5/15/21, Flute is now Full and no longer an option. We still have space for Trombones, Clarinets, and Trumpets! 

  2. Lastly, use the Rental Links to secure your child's instrument with the Music & Arts Rent to Own Program! Make sure that you select "Fall Delivery" so that we can check all instruments to ensure good working order before sending home with your student. 

Should you choose to purchase an instrument as opposed to participating in the Rent to Own program, please use our MRMS Recommended Instrument Information to find a quality instrument! 

Contact Ms. Johnson (latoya.johnson@ucps.k12.nc.us) if you have registered and do not see your child's name! 


More About our Program and Directors!

Although many things have changed for the 2020-2021 with Covid protocols, we are still offering a robust program for the 2021-2022 School Year! We are looking forward to being able to expand our program back into the format you see in the video below as protocols and restrictions evolve!



Instruments Available at the Start of the School Year: 


Maximum Available Slots

Common Instrument Switches in November

Flute Now FULL!

Double Reed/Saxophone/Percussion

Clarinet 40  Double Reed/Saxophone, Percussion
Trumpet 40 French Horn/Baritone/Tuba/Percussion
Trombone 40  Baritone/Tuba/Percussion


Instrument Matching Tool

Click HERE to take a short quiz and find out what instrument might be the best match for you! (Note, this does not mean you are required to play that specific instrument, and you will still need to register here at marvinridgebands.org to receive future communication.)


Flute                                                     Clarinet



Trumpet                                                 Trombone




Common Questions from Incoming Band Families

In addition to the videos below, click to use our expanded "All About Band" page to learn more about what being in Band can do for you! 


Can I balance Music and other activities?                Can I play sports and be in Band? 




        Not planning to be a professional musician...                       What about my grades?



Check out our March 2021 FAQ's Video Update and Student Interviews!


Parent Interviews


Additional Questions? Please contact the MRMS Band Directors!

LaToya Johnson: latoya.johnson@ucps.k12.nc.us



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