Middle School Band

The Marvin Ridge Middle School band program is an extremely popular comprehensive instrumental music program with over 360 students between 6th, 7th, and 8th grade participating annually. Incoming 6th grade students have the opportunity to begin taking band as a part of their daily class schedule during the school day! 

Becoming a Band Member

In order to work around the busy schedules of all incoming 5th grade families, we will offer 2 opportunities to attend a meeting for more information and to sign-up for band. If you are interested in signing your child up for band or just to get more information  you will only need to attend ONE meeting from the options listed below. All meetings will take place at Marvin Ridge Middle School - please enter through the main entrance and follow the signs to the meeting location. Meetings will start promptly at times listed below. Due to the growing size of our program, space is not unlimited. Please make every effort to attend one session with your child to ensure participation in our 6th grade band! 


**All Dates and Forms will be updated in March of the current year for Band Registration.**


Sign-Up Day 1 Sign-Up Day 2
Saturday, April 6th, 2019 Tuesday, April 16th, 2019
9:00am & 10:30am Meeting Times Meeting time: 6:00pm 


Click HERE to select your meeting time and provide preferred instrument choices! 

Please be aware that attending a meeting for more information does not require you to sign up for band - we gladly welcome anyone that is interested to come and see what its all about and ask questions!



Renting an Instrument

To begin a rental agreement, parents will need to fill out a simple online contract with Music & Arts and make a $20 down payment.  Students/parents will not be able to take his/her instrument home immediately – each rental will be delivered directly to MRMS and will be dispersed to students by the band directors.  This is by far the easiest way to secure and distribute instruments to incoming band students. 





Signing up for an instrument rental at this meeting guarantees that a student will receive the specialized instruments carefully selected by the Marvin Ridge Middle School band directors. This meeting will be the ONLY opportunity where a rental agreement on these particular instruments can be made – visiting the site location of our instrument dealer, you will NOT receive these specific instrument models/brands chosen for quality and durability. It is IMPERATIVE  that you begin your instrument rental at this meeting – recurring payments will not begin until August and can be cancelled at any time before the start of the school year.

Student Video:

Parent Video:



Instrument Selections

 We will do everything in our power to give your child the opportunity to sign up for their 1st or 2nd preference on instruments. It is important to know that sometimes space is limited within certain instrument groups and adjustments have to be made to create a balanced band sound. When making final instrument selections band directors will take into consideration the physical characteristics, student preference, and aptitude for the particular instrument. Every student has physical characteristics that make them better suited for some instruments and less suited for others. Therefore it is important to match students with instruments in which they have the greatest opportunity of SUCCESS!



Flute players should have a slight “frown” to the upper lip without tear drop shape in the middle. Students with extreme overbites (receded jaw) should avoid choosing flute as this makes it difficult to produce quality sounds.



Clarinet players should be able to demonstrate a flat chin. If a student has an extremely rounded bottom row of teeth the mouthpiece will be hard to place in the proper position. 


Students with profound overbites or under bites would have EXTREME difficulties playing oboe.


Demonstrating a flat chin and sitting up with good posture is extremely important for the saxophones.


Braces can be troublesome to a trumpet player but it is not impossible to make good sounds with braces. A slight overbite is okay, but an under bite can severely hinder progress on trumpet. Trumpet players come in all shapes and sizes.


Braces can be troublesome to a french horn player but it is not impossible to make good sounds with braces. A slight overbite is okay, but an under bite can severely hinder progress on french horn. Students should exhibit GREAT ability to match sung/played pitches by humming or singing. Perhaps this is a good instrument choice for students who have participated in piano lessons or choir groups.


Students should exhibit GREAT ability to match sung/played pitches by humming or singing. Arm length is a consideration; however, there are numerous accommodations for students of all shapes and sizes to play. A slight overbite is acceptable, while an extreme under bite would hinder success. Trombone players should have slightly fuller lips than average. Students with braces will find the mouthpiece of the trombone more comfortable than trumpet or french horn.


Baritone players should have moderately full lips, but not too full. A SLIGHT overbite is okay, but an under bite would hinder a good sound. Students with braces will find the mouthpiece of the baritone more comfortable than trumpet or french horn.


Students should exhibit a great deal of coordination in gross and fine motor skills.  In addition, the study of percussion includes bells, triangle, tambourine, maracas, claves, bells, xylophone, marimba, and timpani among many other instruments. Preference given to those with prior piano instruction.

Final Key Points

  • Band starts in the 6th grade only (students cannot join in 7th or 8th grade). No prior experience is needed!
  • Band is a class that meets during the day, and requires little to no after school commitment in the 6th grade.
  • You can be involved in sports and other after-school activities while still participating in the band due to band being a regular academic class.
  • Band classes are split up according to the instrument that the student plays (woodwinds, brass…etc). This allows more one on one attention, and allows students to move a faster pace in the beginning stages of learning to play an instrument.
  • Taking band in the 6th grade will still allow you to be on the PE Wheel.