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Instrument Repair and Maintenance 

Even the best maintained and most well cared for instruments will need the attention of a qualified instrument repair technician from time to time.  When your child's instrument is in need of repair, it is important that you act QUICKLY.  Every day that a student is without a working instrument is a day that he or she will fall behind in their musical development. When you take an instrument in for repair, always keep your mouthpiece! Families who currently rent an instrument from Music & Arts may have a maintenance plan as part of your rental contract.  If this is the case, repairs and routine maintenance on your child's instrument are performed FREE of charge.  


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Charlotte Band Instrument Repair Service

Music & Arts Center 

Tommy Boyd

5920 Windy Knoll Ln

Mint Hill,NC 28227


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Arboretum Shopping Center

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Instrument Care and Maintenance Links

Extra time at home provides an excellent opportunity to clean your instrument! Check out the videos below, and allow a parent to help you! E-mail your band director if you are confused about anything BEFORE trying it out!
          Sanitizing Your Instrument                  Cleaning Your Drum                          Brass Mouthpieces




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