Middle School Band

Instrument Repair

Even the best maintained and most well cared for instruments will need the attention of a qualified instrument repair technician from time to time.  When your child's instrument is in need of repair, it is important that you act QUICKLY.  Every day that a student is without a working instrument is a day that he or she will fall behind in their musical development.  

When you take an instrument to the repair shop, you can expect the repair to take 7-10 business days.  Instrument repair technicians offer free estimates before they actually repair the instrument, much like an auto mechanic would.  Some repair technicians are able to provide your child with a "loaner" instrument while your instrument is being repaired.  If a "loaner" is not available, you may consider renting a replacement instrument to use while yours is being repaired.  When you take an instrument in for repair ALWAYS KEEP YOUR  MOUTHPIECE.

Families who currently rent an instrument from Music & Arts may have a maintenance plan as part of your rental contract.  If this is the case, repairs and routine maintenance on your child's instrument are performed FREE of charge.  

Here is a list of the most reliable repair technicians in the area:


Charlotte Band Instrument Repair Service

Tommy Boyd

5920 Windy Knoll Ln

Mint Hill,NC 28227


Please call for appointments



Music & Arts Center 

Arboretum Shopping Center

8046 Providence Rd Ste C
Charlotte, NC 28277-9715 

(704) 341-0000

Walk-ins welcome