Band Video Help Needed!

2/9/2022 11:25 am

HS Video Assistance Needed!

Good Morning!

We are in the midst of our recruitment process for beginning band! In recent years of communication with 5th grade families, there is a greater misconception that taking band in middle school prohibits students from being a part of the IB program in high school and/or meeting the language requirements for college. While we work hard to provide accurate information during our visits, nothing speaks more clearly than words directly from students themselves! Here is where we need some help. If you/your student would be willing to make a short 1 minute video answering the questions below, we would be most appreciative! 


Video Prompts: 

  1. Were you able to take a language course in high school while participating in band? What are you taking?
  2. Have you been able to take any other elective courses while participating in the high school band program?
  3. If you are a part of the IB program, have you been able to participate in the band program as well, and in what capacity?

**And any other quick pieces of advice/support you have! 


Once your 1 minute video is complete, you can submit one of two ways:

  1.  Drop it directly into the linked Google Folder
  2. Share it directly with Ms. Johnson -

I will be taking submissions through the end of February in order to edit the video before our larger meetings at the end of March. And if you feel so inclined to share our flyer with any families in your neighborhoods or on social media, here is our 2022 5th Grade Flyer

Thank You! 

-Ms. Johnson


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